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Exclusive Add-On's

Esthemax Jelly Mask - $22

Intensify your glow with a HydroJelly peel-off mask - covers eyes and lips where other masks cannot! These masks are suited for all skin types and concerns - the type of mask will be determined during your treatment. 

Esthemax Jelly Mask + Décolleté Massage - $35

LED Light Therapy - $20 for 20 minutes

The O2toLED is paired with the O2toDerm to simultaneously release oxygen and provide LED Light Therapy. This dual action treatment will help speed up the skins healing process by delivering purified oxygen and anion directly to the skin while also improving signs of aging, correcting damaged cells and reducing bacteria on the skin through light emitting diode therapy. Each light targets specific skin concerns and conditions. 

O2 Dome Serum Infusion - $30

Energize and infuse your skin with nourishing vitamins with our O2 dome hand gun. This will leave your skin brighter, hydrated and glowing.

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